Travis Alert Act

In 2017, the Washington State Legislature passed SHB 1258, known as the Travis Alert Act (RCW 43.70.490). The law required the Department of Health (DOH) to collaborate with Department of Social and Health Services (DSHS), State Fire Marshal’s Office, Superintendent of Public Instruction, and Washington State Council of Firefighters to review existing training programs both local and national, to design a state wide training program that will familiarize fire department and emergency medical service personnel with the techniques, procedures, and protocols for best handling situations in which persons with disabilities are present at the scene of an emergency. The training is mandatory for all EMS personnel.

-Disability Awareness Education for EMS Curriculum

-Disability Awareness Education for EMS Presentation

EMS are mandatory reporters to Adult Protective Services and Child Protective Services. Do not rely on ALS or the hospital to report, especially if LE is not on scene. Even if LE is on scene, multiple origins of reporting are desired. For more information, please visit The CQI Committee recommends that your agency print and post this flyer:​

CPR instructor train-the-trainer course

Whatcom County EMS and Trauma Care Council is hosting a CPR instructor train-the-trainer course on August 14th and 15th from 6:00-9:00 PM (attendance required both nights). Students who complete the course will become American Health and Safety Institute CPR/first aid instructors.

Cost is $75/student with a 9-student class minimum and a 12-student class limit. Some online classwork is required prior to attending the in-person session; students must complete the online portion before coming to class. Location Station 31.


For questions about the training, contact Erica Littlewood at To register for the class, email Andrea Doll at

SEI Workshop 
Meeting date:

August 22, 2019 from 12-4


Snohomish County FD #5
Station 51
304 Alder Ave.
Sultan, WA 98294

Contact Information:
Chris Shroy​